The Bonneville Game

Minty Lam and Laura Bates head to Bonneville, Pennsylvania to attend the Bonneville Podcasters’ Retreat. They, along with their absent friend, Ingrid, host The Night Owls of Philly, a podcast that focuses on investigating all things paranormal. They have plans to play the Bonneville Game, a ritual game that can only be performed in Bonneville, for their audience.

The legend says, if you visit the Bonneville Forest at midnight, you can call upon O’Malley the Smiling Demon to predict your future. After they play the game, they realize that it may have worked, and they’ve put everyone’s lives in danger.

Genre: Horror Comedy
Mood: Comedic, Spooky
Average Episode Length: 20 – 30 Minutes
First Episode: June 7, 2023

Episode Transcripts

#Episode TitleRelease Date
101Foolish Games06/07/2023