Photo of the Exquisite Lore logo. The background is a bright rainbow gradient & on it there is a medieval crest with a shield & two swords crossed behind the shield. Both are purple with yellow accents. In the center of the shield is a purple treasure chest. The lid is open & glowing & there is gold inside. A light purple banner at the bottom reads "Exquisite Lore" in an outlined font.

Creating the representation we want to see in art & media.

We’re Exquisite Lore, a trans-led punk grassroots creative works production company & activism group based in Florida for enthusiastic art inventors & eclectic nerds, specializing in producing creative works such as podcasts, art, zines, music, films, games, TTRPGs, written works, & more made by & for LGBTQIA2S+ BIPOC, & neurodivergent/disabled folks, as well as community outreach initiatives working to help trans people in our communities, especially those who are lower-income, disabled, or otherwise marginalized.

If you like stories & art that are queer, vibrant, chaotic, earnest, wonderful, nerdy, or profound, & organizations whose core tenet is of empowering trans & queer folks through both direct action & telling the kind of stories the world needs more of through our projects, you’ll probably like our work.

We believe in a world where each marginalized person can thrive, & can have fun being themselves. Whether we do our part by producing stories & art by & for trans folks so we can tell trans stories & see ourselves represented the way we’d like to be in creative works, or taking whatever actions we can to help people in our communities get the resources they need whether that be helping to fund medical care or better living situations, creating/sharing resources, or providing gender-affirming clothing or chest binders, we believe that if the world will not give us our flowers, we must grow them for ourselves & for each other, & that it’s our duty to help create the type of art we wish existed & the type of world we’d like to live in. Together we can help each other thrive <3

Meet Our Team

Ashlee Craft (he/they) is an actor, artist, activist, writer, musician, podcaster, game designer, & more.

When he is not working on creative projects, Ashlee can be found playing TTRPGs, listening to history, botany, or zoology podcasts, looking at frog memes their friends have sent them, caring for their many plants and pets, infodumping about said plants and pets, and probably drinking too much coffee.

Miche Ward (he/him) is a queer bigender trans actor, author, TTRPG player, crafter, & streamer who has worked on projects such as Jar of Rebuke, Idlewood Asylum, & The Soft-Boiled Detective.

Jett Barker (any pronouns) is a British-American voice actor based in Los Angeles. They have more than 10 years of experience in theatre and voice-over, and over 15 years of experience as a musician. Professionally, some of Jett’s interests include accent/dialect work, ADR, Michael Chekhov, Shakespeare, and multimedia collaboration.

Lu Ka-Yun Dawkins (they/them) is the creator of Crash Tako Studios. They are a mixed British-Chinese 2D animation student based in the UK.

Yuyo Lemonster (Fae/Him/Bear/It/√Čl/Elle) is a queer transmasc naurodivergent Latine writer, character artist, & visual storyteller across the mediums from Buenos Aires, Argentina.