Photo of the Exquisite Lore logo. The background is a bright rainbow gradient & on it there is a medieval crest with a shield & two swords crossed behind the shield. Both are purple with yellow accents. In the center of the shield is a purple treasure chest. The lid is open & glowing & there is gold inside. A light purple banner at the bottom reads "Exquisite Lore" in an outlined font.

Creating the art we want to see in the world.

We’re Exquisite Lore, a production company for enthusiastic art inventors & eclectic nerds, specializing in creative works such as podcasts, art, music, films, written works, & more made by & involving marginalized & diverse creators! If you like stories & art that are vibrant, chaotic, earnest, wonderful, nerdy, or profound, you’ll probably like our work.

Exquisite Lore was formerly known as Freedom Meadow Media & founded in 2016 by Ashlee Craft.