Good Things About the World

[IMAGE ID: a podcast cover image. The background is bright yellow. In the center of the background, a fun font reads "Good Things About the World" in all caps. Surrounding this text are small images, starting with the center of the top & going clockwise of: a snail, a red-eyed tree frog, small toy chickens, a French bulldog, a unicycle, a flamingo, three lucky clovers, a plastic giraffe, a rubber duck, sushi, a Blue Morpho butterfly, a Bonsai tree, rainbow colored pencils, & a coral-colored rose. END ID]


Every Monday, host Ashlee Craft (he/they) discusses the little wonderful things about the world that make life worth it in this quirky & energetic podcast.

Genre: Nonfiction
Mood: Quirky, Cheerful
Episode Length: Less than 5 minutes
First Episode: December 26, 2022

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Small Purple Wildflowers That Grow Along the Roadside

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DIRECTED BY Ashlee Craft
WRITTEN BY Ashlee Craft
PRODUCED BY Exquisite Lore
Hosted by Ashlee Craft (he/they)
Cover Art by Ashlee Craft