TRANSCRIPT: Good Things About the World – Episode 1

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Welcome to “Good Things About the World”, a podcast about the little wonderful things that make life worth it! 

I’m your host, Ashlee Craft, and it’s time for…

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(in announcer voice) The Thing of the Day!

Today’s Thing of the Day is: small purple flowers that grow along the roadside. 

Now, there’s two types that I had in mind when I made this episode. The first is– it’s a really low-to-the-ground flower, looks kind of like a lily, might be called a rain lily– it’s kind of a whitish-purple color, they have kind of a bell-shaped of, kind of pointy flower petal parts on them?

They look almost like snow because they grow on the ground in clusters, they’re really cool looking! The second type is a just a general category of regular purple wildflowers of all different types, but any flower like that, any kind of wildflower, any color, to be fair, is really beautiful to see along the roadside. 

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(in announcer voice) What Do I Like About It 

I like these because I love all plants & nature just in general, and obviously depending on what area you live in there may be– maybe it’s a really common thing to see this or maybe it’s not very common at all, but I still regardless of how often I see it, I think there’s something really lovely about seeing nature and wildlife that you’re not expecting to see and seeing something beautiful all of a sudden when you’re not expecting it. 

I think that can be just a really life-affirming thing, like there’s been times I’ve been driving, been not having the best time. I’ve looked out my window and I’ve seen wildflowers of like, the snow-type ones or the shrub ones and I’ve seen the pretty purple flowers on them and it’s made me feel a lot better and it’s cheered me up because I’ve been reminded of the fact that there are small beautiful things that you can just come across in everyday life in places you may not be expecting to see them, and they can remind you that there are things like that that are, you know, can make your day better that you could just come across at any moment. I think there’s something really magical about that? 

I think there’s something kind of magical about flowers in general especially though when you’re seeing something beautiful like that and just coming across it by surprise and being cheered up by its existence.

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(in announcer voice) Question of the Day! 

The Question of the Day is: “Has a wildflower ever cheered you up?” and, bonus question, “What’s your favorite color of wildflower to see?” 

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